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The feast of Encamisada

Encamisada Falset
Sunday, 11 January, 2015  
On 17th and 18th of January in the village of Falset, in the Priorat wine region, we celebrate the Traditional Feast of Encamisada

Coinciding with the day of Saint Anthony, next weekend 17-18 January, Falset, Priorat, celebrates the traditional feast called Encamisada. It's a feast linked to a legend which tells that in the early eighteenth century, the day of Saint Anthony, the men of the village staged a encamissada against the French, that is, a quick attack by night to surprise the enemy, dressing with white shirts to make the thick fog that covered the place and go unnoticed, thereby achieving victory

The Encamisada is a feast marked by the rural tradition. Formerly, all participants were farmers from the village who walk for the streets with their carts and horses. Nowadays, animals have virtually disappeared from the houses; for that families and groups of friends rent an animal and charior to walk for the streets of the village. 


January 17:

  • 19: 30h - The Encamisada (chariots and horses) will meet in front of the Modernist cellar Falset-Marçà to begin the path to the church.
  • 20: 00h - In the Church square, "Welcome" and continue the route for the streets of Falset.

January 18:

  • 8: 30h. Blessing of the animals and popular breakfast.
  • 11: 00h. Meeting Encamisada (chariots and horses) in front of the winery of Falset-Marçà prepared to start the tour through the village streets.
  • 11: 30h. Mass and dancing the popular Jota of Falset and blessing bagels of Saint Anthony. Then follows the Encamisada through the streets of Falset.

In the restaurant of Hotel Hostal Sport we pairing this feast with traditional gastronomy and wines from Priorat region (Catalonia/Spain).