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Desserts paired with sweet wines of Priorat

Postres maridats amb vins dolços del Priorat
Saturday, 15 June, 2013  
In the restaurant of the Hotel-Hostal Sport we offers desserts paired with sweet wines of Priorat

A few weeks ago, in the Wine List 2013 of our restaurant are available different gastronomical recommendations that combine with four sweet wines of Priorat.

With this proposal, at the Hotel-Hostal Sport we want to promote the quality and essence of some sweet wines that can be found in the Priorat, from the hand of the two denominations of origin. For this reason, at the time of pairing the desserts with wine we opted to choose two wines from DO Montsant and two for DOQ Priorat.

The aim is to surprise customers with new aromas and flavors that are also part of our territory. The wine-pairing is affordable because the price per glass of wine is only 1,5 euros

The wine-pairings that we propose plays with cultural and geographical factors and combine the contrast and affinity. The repertoire of desserts and wines is as follows:


Pastel tatin with vanilla ice cream papantla                                4,50€

Brownie with walnuts and hazelnuts                                               5,75€

Cup of strawberries sprinkled with wine                                           7€

Cottage cheese with honey                                                                       5€  


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