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"Women of Wine" in the rooms of the Hotel Hostal Sport

Habitacions hotel amb quadres relacionats amb el vi
Wednesday, 26 August, 2015  
The Hotel Hostal Sport of Priorat features a collection of works by the artist Natalia Sanahuges in the rooms of the hotel

The artist Natalia Sanahuges of Falset, Priorat, has transferred temporarily to the Hotel Sport 10 art pieces that combine illustration and painting. The goal is to become a cultural attraction in the establishment providing sense the commitment of the hotel to consolidate like Hotel Wine Experiences reference.

The works exhibited in the rooms of the hotel are part of two collections of Natalia Sanahuges: "Women of Wine" on the one hand, a series of illustrations where women rounded drinking and enjoying wine in various forms and situations and, on the other hand, more abstract series worked with resins which shows the artist's will to test new materials that ensures that grows and learns.

Rooms of the hotel have already several services to make your stay comfortable and attractive customer, but the entry of these works culminates bet the establishment in the world of art. The whole building is carefully selected furniture and different art pieces designed for each space, but in this case a very linked to Priorat and in the world of wine firm is incorporated, such as Natalia Sanahuges.

There are 10 of the 23 rooms of the hotel that have the Sanahuges works and customers who are interested for some of the pieces can ask the front desk all the information on it. For the Hostal Sport, the sale of the works is a gesture by the artist who greatly valued because it adds value to the room and invites visitors to continue enjoying the Priorat from the artistic point of view.

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