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Hostal Sport brings you home the gastronomic essence of the Priorat

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Tuesday, 28 April, 2020 - 12:15

Hotels and restaurants have been one of the sectors most affected by the Coronavirus. Its closure has forced them to reinvent themselves, both to survive and to plan the reopening.

The Hostal Sport’s Restaurant circumvents the crisis with the home delivery of its classic stews and other dishes from the menu. Marta Domènech, the manager and soul of the establishment, is the one who started the delivery of pig's feet, rabbit with snails, mushroom croquettes, pork cheeks, chicken casserole... and many more typical dishes from the menu and from the Priorat cuisine that during the confinement days transport us to the restaurant without leaving home. She has now outsourced the service because "the demand is getting higher. We can't go to restaurants, but we still want to enjoy good food." And not only has the delivery been outsourced, but it has come to stay, offering everyone the chance to sample the cuisine of the Hostal Sport.

Marta does not know when the doors of the restaurant and hotel will be able to reopen, but she is sure that she wants to continue transporting the essence of the Hostal Sport to Reus, Tarragona, Salou, Conca de Barberà, La Ribera d’Ebre, La Terra Alta... and now also to Barcelona.

The Hostal Sport has always been a family establishment that has wanted its clients and diners to feel at home. Now that is not possible, but we can bring a piece of the Priorat to their homes

All takeaways arrive to the customers' home frozen and in individual servings. But Marta not only brings the Priorat cuisine to the houses, but also one of the most precious values ​​in the region and also on her menu: the wines. The Hostal Sport’s wine list contains more than 230 references, both from the DO Montsant, the DOQ Priorat and from many other national and international wine regions that Marta, who apart from being a manager and punctual delivery person is a sommeliere, carefully selects. So customers who order the Sport’s dishes at home can also choose any of the wines from the Sport’s menu to accompany them. In fact, with a 55€ order, they get a free bottle of wine DO Montsant.

For people who don't have the time to cook, or for those who are fed up or who think: since I can't go to a restaurant, I give myself a good treat. For all of them every day of the week we take orders and bring them home: Tuesday to Tarragona, Reus and Salou; Wednesday to the Conca de Barberà; Thursday to Tarragona; Friday to Móra d’Ebre, Gandesa and other towns in the south of Falset...

So, every day the Hostal Sport’s Restaurant’s dishes cross the regions of Tarragona and now they also arrive to Barcelona transporting the essence and cuisine of the Hostal Sport. Orders can be made at or directly through WhatsApp: 638 08 71 89. The available dishes, now also gluten free, can be found on the restaurant's website.

This commitment to local consumption is, according to Marta, the trend that the sector seems to follow in the coming months:

This exceptional situation that we live in, out of necessity or out of conscience, seems to lead us to trust more the local providers, such as the ones we have always relied on from the kitchen of the Hostal Sport. And perhaps it will also lead us to choose restaurants that work with products and producers close to home. I believe that proximity is a trend that has come to stay, and not only in the gastronomic field but also in tourism. Everything indicates that, at least in the short term, we are committed to escaping to nearby destinations, such as the Priorat. Uncertainty, the impossibility of long-term planning, prudence... will make us want to leave home, without going too far and most importantly feeling safe. And above all, it will make us want to do it in rural environments, less affected by Covid-19 cases, and in trustworthy establishments like ours that can ensure and maintain optimal safety and hygiene measures.