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5 keys to be an authentic Priorat Lover

Tuesday, 15 June, 2021 - 08:00

In order to be a true enthusiast and connoisseur of our territory, it is not enough to have eaten the traditional omelette with juice or to visit us every year at the Wine Fair! Yes, these facts are a good starting point, but the Priorat is much more than good gastronomy and wines of great recognition.


To be a true lover of our territory, it is important to know some of the other factors that give us our uniqueness and fill our past and present with meaning. So, here are five key pieces of information about the Priorat that will allow you to broaden your knowledge of our region a little more:​​​​​​​


Which is the autochthonous grape variety of the Priorat?

There are more than a thousand grape varieties in the world, a large number of which disappeared from the Priorat region following the devastating phylloxera plague.

As a consequence, the cultivation of vineyards since then has been based almost entirely on the Garnacha (for fine, aromatic wines, with little color) and Cariñena (with astringency and intense color) varieties.


How many wineries are there in the Priorat?

Agreed, we recognize that wines play an important part in the essence of our territory! And in fact we have not one but two Denominations of Origin that highlight the quality of our locally produced wines, recognized nationally and internationally.

These are produced in 167 wineries spread throughout the territory and differentiated into two DOs: 60 wineries are part of the DO Montsant while 107 make up the DOQ Priorat.


What are the Montsant "Graus"?

If there is another element that characterizes us as a region, this is particularly the Serra del Montsant. This spectacular rock formation offers endless possibilities to enjoy it through its numerous cycling and hiking routes.

The main ridge, called Serra Major, is one of the reference points for hikers from all over the world. Most of the accesses are made through what are known as "graus", which facilitate the passage between points with unevenness.


In what century was Escaladei founded?​​​​​​​

The Priorat stands out for giving rise to the first Carthusian monastery in the Iberian Peninsula. The monks of the Carthusian Order of Provence found, in the middle of the Serra Major del Montsant, the ideal unique and protected environment to locate their monastery.

It was founded in the 12th century and enjoyed periods of great splendor until it was abandoned in 1853 following the disentailment of Mendizábal. Today, its partially restored ruins are one of the most attractive cultural and historical points of our territory.


In what year was the Hostal Sport founded?

Our (almost) centenary establishment has seen the growth of four generations,  who have mantained the authentic essence of this family project without lagging behind the new trends in the sector.

Our charming living room, the magnificent centennial garden, the dining room with checkered tablecloths or the rustic style rooms have been with us since 1923, making us the most emblematic and historic hotel in the region.


In order to be a true Priorat Lover, theory helps, but the best way to learn to love our territory is with practice! Visit us this summer and discover in person all that the Priorat has to offer, you'll be amazed! BOOK NOW