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Catering service for wineries and celebrations

Do you have a celebration and do you want to order us the food? Contact us!
  • Catering for celebrations
  • Catering for celebrations
  • Cátering para celebraciones - ensalada de marisco
  • Cátering para celebraciones - tataki de atún
  • Cátering para celebraciones - olivas rellenas de vermut
  • Cátering para celebraciones - ternera con foie y chips de verduras
  • Catering for celebrations
  • Catering for celebrations
  • Catering for celebrations
  • Catering for celebrations

In the restaurant of Hotel Hostal Sport we offer a catering service that includes the gastronomic repertoire that the customer selects with the director of the restaurantfood and beverage, but can also become integral if the customer wants to include the services of decoration, photography and organization.

The Hotel Hostal Sport works with a team of different professionals in each of these areas that actually makes the successful of event.

Some of the gastronomic offer in catering for celebrations are the following, all with local product:

  • Salmon tartare with fish eggs glass flakes and citrus
  • Balfegó tuna tataki Group
  • Stuffed olives gelée of Miró vermouth infused with oranges
  • Maki whip with cheese
  • Beef cheek with foie juice and vegetable chips
  • Seafood salad with sprouts, fruits and flowers with solid cava
  • Frozen yogurt with gelatin glue and gum boomer

You can see som photos of catering in our FLICKR

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