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Take care in the heart of "El Priorat"

The region of Cataluña offers a soft and mediterrenean climate, along with a natural ecosystem that extrapolates the beauty of the mountains with the intense light from the beaches. The existence of natural water springs along the area and the confluence of cultures are the base of a millenary tradition in the prcess of taking care of the body. One that comes to Cataluña looking for wellness, one that finds it.

The Hotel Hostal Sport is a restaurant with rooms full of spaces to enjoy in a peaceful environment. The hotel's interior garden has a beautiful space that invites you to take baths int nature. Disconnect, and relax, but over all taking care, definitely.

In the interior part of the hotel, where the sunlight does not meet you directly, there are salons and spaces that can hold up the healthiest activities for the body and the soul. From yoga, to coaching sessions that provide wellness, empowerment or healthy eating.

Since the year 2019, the Hotel Hostal Sport hosts periodic activities incide in health and interior peace of the people that practice them. Get to know all about them in this space. We are open for any suggestions and new proposals. Contact us at:



"Green is the color"

Private garden



"mente sana in corpore sano"



Do you like walking? We think you will love this experience called Breakfast, walk and wine in Priorat. Taste a traditional breakfast, walk during two hours and a halve around Falset with Carles from Entrecamins, and finish the experience in our restaurant with a glass of wine in the garden or in front of the chimney. 

Minimum 4 people. Preu: 50€/pp. Book it at

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