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This summer, it’s time for an old style vacation
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Early Bird promotion for the most foresighted summer visitors


* Minimum booking of 3 nights for two people in a double room. Promotion valid for all of 2020. Strict cancellation policy: cancellation is not allowed, but change of dates is as long as there is availability.

Summering: to spend the summer somewhere, generally different from where you usually live.

To stand still, to rest. For us, to spend the summer is to feel at home without being there. Travelling is discovering new cultures, flavors, people. It’s taking a few days to live an experience where everything is new. Summering, on the other hand, has to do with stopping, resting in a specific, familiar, safe place. Spending the holidays in the "dolce far niente" mood, forgetting about the rushes and the double checks in the list of monuments to visit.

This summer it's time for an old style vacation. It's the year of really getting to know a place and ending up being a part of it. The time to greet the fruit seller, to lie down in a hammock, to finish the book, to have a never ending meal, to get up late and still rumble in bed for another hour. It time for a picnic by the river and for diving into the cold water every five minutes. Summering means taking care of yourself, eating well, devoting time to yourself.

Traveling is movement, and we all know that this will be a summer where we will let go of long distances, the urge to go far away, the rush to see it all. Summering is a static verb, of the here and now, of the enjoyment of the present. It’s moving to a house that isn’t yours but which you feel like your second home. It’s doing nothing, finally, for 10 days. It is to not forget the good things that confinement has brought to us. Doing nothing is a way of doing things: like before, like a few months ago, like when everything was going at a different pace and no one was in a hurry. Why don’t we go back to summering, now that we can’t travel? Why not let ourselves be carried away and enjoy a summer like before?

Here are 10 reasons why you should spend your summer with us!


1 Don't move from the Priorat. We have been one of the first counties to move to Phase 1 and one with the fewest Covid-19 cases. If you spend your summer with us, help us to continue like this, moving as little as possible and enjoying the here and now, the contemplation, the present moment.

2 Practice the joy of doing nothing in the garden or on the terrace. Forget the queues, the early mornings, the rush. We have two private gardens and a terrace for you to do nothing all day, or to chat with a glass of wine in hand, or to finish your pending book.

3 Spend the day outdoors. We are surrounded by nature and away from big cities. The Priorat is one of the counties with the lowest population density in Catalonia and with a respectful and responsible tourist profile. We will help you discover places where you will be practically alone and we will prepare a picnic for you to eat in the middle of Montsant or the vineyards.

4  Or spend the day at the hotel. If you prefer to stay at our house, we have scheduled yoga sessions and wine tasting events during the summer. You will feel at home at the Hotel Hostal Sport, but you will not have to worry about anything.

5  Swim in the river until your fingers wrinkle. We don't have a beach, but we do have rivers and natural water pools, as many as villages, to cool off from the heat, splash around, get your feet wet or renew yourself inside and out. See here the route of the Priorat swimming pools.

6 Enjoy our meals all day long. Get those long lunch times back, getting up from the table just to stretch your legs. Eat slowly, have another glass, maybe order an afternoon snack until it’s dinner time… and keep taking the fresh air from the table for hours and hours.

7  Forget about being a tourist. Play like a local! After a few days in the Priorat, you will be greeted by the fruit grower, the waiter, and the winemaker from the winery you visited on Sunday. We will recommend friendly wineries, routes through Montsant and relaxed visits to charming villages such as Siurana. We know the region from end to end and we want you to feel comfortable and confident.

8 Just wander, in no hurry or direction, on foot or by bike. As Rafel López Monné says in his article for La Conca 5.1 “It is not essential to draw a route. Try to improvise. To err can become more of a value than an error. Give yourself room to be surprised”. Discover tranquil landscapes, dizzying paths, wine roads with scandalous curves or paths with views of the most emblematic areas of the Priorat.

9 Let yourself be taken care of by us and by the local producers. This is not a summer of discovering exotic tastes, trying everything, getting fed up or eating anything quick, but to recover the salad and the olive oil, to buy strawberries at the Falset market, or to eat an organic chicken grown with respect. In the Restaurant we will prepare for you the classic dishes of the menu or, if you prefer, healthy proposals designed by the nutritionist Marta Conesa.

10 Get up late and take a rest in our spacious, refurbished rooms. Parquet, wooden beams, views of the garden or the main street of the village. Enjoy the comfort of a lifelong hotel located in a rural, quiet and safe environment.

This summer is a time to unlearn travelling, and to learn summering. Doing nothing is a way of doing things: like before, like a few months ago, like when everything was going at a different pace and no one was in a hurry. Why don’t we go back to summering, now that we can’t travel? Why don't we let ourselves be carried away and enjoy a summer like before in the Priorat?